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Blog Post #6

This class has been an interesting experience to me for sure. After taking a year off from attending classes, it was strange to be back at all. Of course I wasn’t expecting a pandemic to sweep the globe but I guess it is what it is.

I found my overall experience to be enriching. I’ve met a dedicated group of people I prefer to spend my time with. Holly and Noah. I enjoy working with them and studying with them. I feel like they just get me, and they make me laugh. 🙂

I’m grateful for this opportunity to make these friends in this class, especially since I knew no one at the time. I’ve had a very good time in this semester in MCOM 2313.

I was sat in the very back corner, where people came and went. It was always like I saw my classmates come and go, but the giant Mac monitor concealed me from everyone. I came around to liking sitting in the corner, because when I did make my way out of the corner, it was a great surprise those who witnessed it.

But I look forward to the opportunities the knowledge of this class can bring me, and the friendships it’s made me. 🙂

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