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My Blog Post #1

This is my first true blog post. I would like to say that I’ve followed at least six of my classmates blogs, and they all differ. They’re all creative and it’s real cute. I think that some could be more creative, I’m just being real, it’s what I do.

The RSS reader I use is the just Google News, and the Apple News application. Apple News is extremely impressive in the amount of varying content available. I was an android user before, this was wild for me. I’ve had it previously downloaded for eons and I use it to keep track of many current events. I’ve subscribed to several science, art, food, fashion, and many other miscellaneous publications that I favor.

I prefer to stay as informed as possible, so the accessibility of these applications for stories I need is incredibly convenient.

I wasn’t sure to include my Blog Roll here but I see it’s at the bottom of every blog, so I believe it will be fine.

This is the end of my first blog post. As mentioned all throughout my blog’s layout, this is a space of acceptance. This is a space where legendary minds gather. This is my blog, and this has been My Blog Post #1.

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