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WordPress Blog #2

In my MCOM 2313 class, I am sat in the furthest corner of the room adjacent to the door. Usually in my classes, I try to sit near the front or at least in the middle as to be aware of everything in the classroom, but this experience has proven many things to me.

This seat has affected my view of this course, quite literally. Though sometimes I can’t actually see the board physically, I feel as though I see things in a different way, and behind my monitor lies beautiful isolation.

When I choose to integrate myself with the class by coming up closer to hear or see an example, my classmates are delighted to see me as if they hadn’t for so long.

“Morgan! It’s Morgan,” They shout, in awe and joy. This does make my presence feel valued, as if I am a rare occurrence; a hermit that seldom comes out of hiding. My learning hasn’t really been too hindered by this seating arrangement, and I’ve found a brighter side to this.

So in a way, I’m grateful to have been sat in this seat, the one closed off from others. I do always take the path less traveled by, and the chair less sat in.

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