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Blog Post #4

Briggs Chapter 5

In this photo, I used natural lighting from my room and settled the subjects of the photo to the right in front of black curtains for contrast. I found that the absence of a flash made the picture lack depth, regardless of the background or natural lighting. I used my camera’s default settings and did not alter the image in any way after taking it.

In this image, I turned off all light in my room and only used the default flash setting on my camera. I can immediately notice a difference in contrast as well as saturation compared to that of natural lighting. I decided to use the same subjects and positioning to notice differences easier. I did not alter the photo after it was taken.

In this photo I used the combination of natural light from my room in combination with my default flash setting. I can tell that the positioning of shadows across the book are similar, but slightly different than that of the photo taken solely with flash. Again, I used all default settings on my camera and the image has not been changed in any way.


I noticed that the combination of natural lighting and flash can change the positioning of highlights and shadows on a subject even if it isn’t entirely noticeable at first. Using natural lighting can reduce the appearance of shadows, and color, resulting in a less dramatic shot. I emphasized the rule of thirds by using the same subjects, but placed off-center to the right. I thought this a wise place to position the subjects due to the directions of natural light in the room, as well as the black curtains in the background for contrast.

Blog Post #4

In this blog post, I plan to discuss COVID-19, and how it has affected life as I know it around me. The Coronavirus began in December, originating in Wuhan, China from a diverse meat market. When I saw the first headline mentioning COVID-19, I was already deeply concerned for what this could mean for the world, and all of those in it.

I began to delve into researching the virus, it’s characteristics, and what it could possibly mean for the United States. Looking at past pandemics, there weren’t any protocols put into place to protect those that could be affected by it, such as the Spanish flu, and the Bubonic plague.

The most dangerous part of COVID-19 in my opinion, was that it was contagious even in it’s two week incubation period. That small little detail there was what made me concerned. Patient zero had incredible amounts of contact with several people in an extremely populated area, so there was really no telling how far it had gone already.

My classmates were not concerned.

I cannot lie when I say that this frustrated me to no end. There has not been a worldwide pandemic on this scale of fast infection for almost twenty or thirty years.

Now all classes are being held online, there is a country-wide, and even world-wide quarantine currently happening to save lives.

I think the moral of this is, to listen to old Morgan when she’s talking. Because 90% of the time, every time? Morgan is correct.

Little bacteria men.

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