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Word Press Blog Post #3

In my MCOM 2313 class, my thoughts often travel back to my home, more importantly what I’ve left at home; my cat, Twiggy.

She honestly inspires me to do better and work harder both in my classes, and my employment. I plan to purchase her a cat tower that travels from floor to ceiling. She’s incredibly agile and built for speed, so you can imagine she only desires the best.

You may be asking how this is related to this class, but don’t fret, the connection is deeper than it may seem.

I plan on using these things I’ve learned in this class to further my career, in order to make a killer salary, to in turn care for my high maintenance cat, Twiggy. I’ve read and seen accounts of cats being able to live to the ripe age of twenty, and with proper care, Twiggy is sure to make it this far. It is only understandable that I want the best environment for my future elderly cat, to make sure that she lives the most comfortable life available to her.

MCOM 2313 has taught me discipline when it comes to managing my time with my assignments, and has inspired me to do better for my cat.

In the end these are the only things that I could ask for from this class, and I am so far highly satisfied with my learning.

Twiggy inside a Lego house, circa 2019

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