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My Blog Post #1

This is my first true blog post. I would like to say that I’ve followed at least six of my classmates blogs, and they all differ. They’re all creative and it’s real cute. I think that some could be more creative, I’m just being real, it’s what I do.

The RSS reader I use is the just Google News, and the Apple News application. Apple News is extremely impressive in the amount of varying content available. I was an android user before, this was wild for me. I’ve had it previously downloaded for eons and I use it to keep track of many current events. I’ve subscribed to several science, art, food, fashion, and many other miscellaneous publications that I favor.

I prefer to stay as informed as possible, so the accessibility of these applications for stories I need is incredibly convenient.

I wasn’t sure to include my Blog Roll here but I see it’s at the bottom of every blog, so I believe it will be fine.

This is the end of my first blog post. As mentioned all throughout my blog’s layout, this is a space of acceptance. This is a space where legendary minds gather. This is my blog, and this has been My Blog Post #1.

Blog Post #6

This class has been an interesting experience to me for sure. After taking a year off from attending classes, it was strange to be back at all. Of course I wasn’t expecting a pandemic to sweep the globe but I guess it is what it is.

I found my overall experience to be enriching. I’ve met a dedicated group of people I prefer to spend my time with. Holly and Noah. I enjoy working with them and studying with them. I feel like they just get me, and they make me laugh. 🙂

I’m grateful for this opportunity to make these friends in this class, especially since I knew no one at the time. I’ve had a very good time in this semester in MCOM 2313.

I was sat in the very back corner, where people came and went. It was always like I saw my classmates come and go, but the giant Mac monitor concealed me from everyone. I came around to liking sitting in the corner, because when I did make my way out of the corner, it was a great surprise those who witnessed it.

But I look forward to the opportunities the knowledge of this class can bring me, and the friendships it’s made me. 🙂

Blog Post #4

Briggs Chapter 5

In this photo, I used natural lighting from my room and settled the subjects of the photo to the right in front of black curtains for contrast. I found that the absence of a flash made the picture lack depth, regardless of the background or natural lighting. I used my camera’s default settings and did not alter the image in any way after taking it.

In this image, I turned off all light in my room and only used the default flash setting on my camera. I can immediately notice a difference in contrast as well as saturation compared to that of natural lighting. I decided to use the same subjects and positioning to notice differences easier. I did not alter the photo after it was taken.

In this photo I used the combination of natural light from my room in combination with my default flash setting. I can tell that the positioning of shadows across the book are similar, but slightly different than that of the photo taken solely with flash. Again, I used all default settings on my camera and the image has not been changed in any way.


I noticed that the combination of natural lighting and flash can change the positioning of highlights and shadows on a subject even if it isn’t entirely noticeable at first. Using natural lighting can reduce the appearance of shadows, and color, resulting in a less dramatic shot. I emphasized the rule of thirds by using the same subjects, but placed off-center to the right. I thought this a wise place to position the subjects due to the directions of natural light in the room, as well as the black curtains in the background for contrast.

Blog Post #4

In this blog post, I plan to discuss COVID-19, and how it has affected life as I know it around me. The Coronavirus began in December, originating in Wuhan, China from a diverse meat market. When I saw the first headline mentioning COVID-19, I was already deeply concerned for what this could mean for the world, and all of those in it.

I began to delve into researching the virus, it’s characteristics, and what it could possibly mean for the United States. Looking at past pandemics, there weren’t any protocols put into place to protect those that could be affected by it, such as the Spanish flu, and the Bubonic plague.

The most dangerous part of COVID-19 in my opinion, was that it was contagious even in it’s two week incubation period. That small little detail there was what made me concerned. Patient zero had incredible amounts of contact with several people in an extremely populated area, so there was really no telling how far it had gone already.

My classmates were not concerned.

I cannot lie when I say that this frustrated me to no end. There has not been a worldwide pandemic on this scale of fast infection for almost twenty or thirty years.

Now all classes are being held online, there is a country-wide, and even world-wide quarantine currently happening to save lives.

I think the moral of this is, to listen to old Morgan when she’s talking. Because 90% of the time, every time? Morgan is correct.

Little bacteria men.

Word Press Blog Post #3

In my MCOM 2313 class, my thoughts often travel back to my home, more importantly what I’ve left at home; my cat, Twiggy.

She honestly inspires me to do better and work harder both in my classes, and my employment. I plan to purchase her a cat tower that travels from floor to ceiling. She’s incredibly agile and built for speed, so you can imagine she only desires the best.

You may be asking how this is related to this class, but don’t fret, the connection is deeper than it may seem.

I plan on using these things I’ve learned in this class to further my career, in order to make a killer salary, to in turn care for my high maintenance cat, Twiggy. I’ve read and seen accounts of cats being able to live to the ripe age of twenty, and with proper care, Twiggy is sure to make it this far. It is only understandable that I want the best environment for my future elderly cat, to make sure that she lives the most comfortable life available to her.

MCOM 2313 has taught me discipline when it comes to managing my time with my assignments, and has inspired me to do better for my cat.

In the end these are the only things that I could ask for from this class, and I am so far highly satisfied with my learning.

Twiggy inside a Lego house, circa 2019

WordPress Blog #2

In my MCOM 2313 class, I am sat in the furthest corner of the room adjacent to the door. Usually in my classes, I try to sit near the front or at least in the middle as to be aware of everything in the classroom, but this experience has proven many things to me.

This seat has affected my view of this course, quite literally. Though sometimes I can’t actually see the board physically, I feel as though I see things in a different way, and behind my monitor lies beautiful isolation.

When I choose to integrate myself with the class by coming up closer to hear or see an example, my classmates are delighted to see me as if they hadn’t for so long.

“Morgan! It’s Morgan,” They shout, in awe and joy. This does make my presence feel valued, as if I am a rare occurrence; a hermit that seldom comes out of hiding. My learning hasn’t really been too hindered by this seating arrangement, and I’ve found a brighter side to this.

So in a way, I’m grateful to have been sat in this seat, the one closed off from others. I do always take the path less traveled by, and the chair less sat in.

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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You’re not locked into any of this; one of the wonderful things about blogs is how they constantly evolve as we learn, grow, and interact with one another — but it’s good to know where and why you started, and articulating your goals may just give you a few other post ideas.

Can’t think how to get started? Just write the first thing that pops into your head. Anne Lamott, author of a book on writing we love, says that you need to give yourself permission to write a “crappy first draft”. Anne makes a great point — just start writing, and worry about editing it later.

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